Who We Are

Solutionz Consulting is a company providing integrated IT Solutions. We provide consultancy and development services in 3 broad IT categories – Software, Web Sites & Animation. The company came into existence eight years ago and has over the years, building on its strengths, morphed into a complete solutions provider. Today we provide expertise & services in wide range of IT Services.
We provide detailed expertise and support to our clients to automate their systems and help them effectively reap the true benefits of Information Technology. From implementing our in house solutions to creating an effective presence on the net or transitioning from an existing manual system to a completely automated system or taking care of their designing & presentation needs, we provide all solutions under one roof. Towards this endeavor, we deploy our expertise to crash lead times and save on costs and effort for our clients.

The story of Solutionz Consulting has been a story of continuous growth and diversification. In keeping with this tradition, we have made a major foray into RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification). We are proud to be associated with HID Corporation, the worlds largest producer of RFID based Contactless Smart Cards, as their Application Development Partner.

We bring to the table a cumulative experience of over 40 years in the Indian Information Technology Industry and an intimate knowledge of the global markets and trends, besides access to specialist resources having many more years of relevant experience.

Over the years Solutionz Consulting has successfully implemented projects with leading Companies and Educational Institutes like Value Research, Nizam’s Kathi Kabab, Escorts Financial Services, P.N.Safetech, John Wiley India, BPB Publications, ACBR, ITM, RMC etc.